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How Many Passes In Defrag Windows 10


You can read more about the Improved Disk Defragmenter and Storage Optimizer in Windows 8. Free! If all your drives are SSDs, you should skip Step 1, and disable the ScheduledDefrag task after Step 2. Indeed, I didn't know why this has been implemented, but that was precisely my question to the product group!Actually Scott and Vadim are both wrong. weblink

Solution? The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Have you experienced it? Due to the varying performance of hardware responding to TRIM, TRIM is processed asynchronously by the file system.

How Many Passes In Defrag Windows 10

Scott probably went back and talked it over some more and then comes back with additional information and then you complain he should have supplied it right away. @ScottThanks for supplying Also, sometimes when I run the defrag manually, it runs, runs and runs some more…doesn't stop. I'm always open to technical disscussion :) For some reason, comments stopped showing under the article (this is a WordPress page, not a post), and I'm yet to find time to

Right-click the ScheduledDefrag task and export it with the name TRIM-SSD on your Desktop. It runs only when the machine is idle! You push the little buttons on the front of it until you get it scheduled to make your coffee every morning at 8am. Defrag Command Prompt August 12, 2009 eileen liu sorry, i am a IT MORON.

I still feel that the semi-official answer was a made-up one, and did not help to clear the confusion at all, I personally am as uncomfortable whats the truth ad I Defrag Consolidated He can see that defrag is doing something, but it's not clear why, how, or for how long. How to check if your SSD has been defragmented Filter the «Application» event log by the event 258 from defrag or run this PowerShell command: Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source "microsoft-windows-defrag" | In the left pane expand the ‘System Tools' item (If there is a ‘+' mark next to System Tools, click on it and it should show ‘-‘ And ‘+ Task Scheduler

Thanks!Charles MannSunday, 07 December 2014 09:50:41 [email protected] i think you are right regarding the fact that some divisions at Microsoft tend to answer possible bug reports with... Windows 10 Defrag Not Working I shut down my computer every night, so it shouldn't show the last defrag was on the Wednesday it is scheduled, but show it wasn't completed. Here’s the data my blog readers have kindly provided. Include the SSD in automatic maintenance.

Defrag Consolidated

Except we've now learned that there are certain file system limits (something I was not aware of), like a maximum number of fragments. Scott probably went back and talked it over some more and then comes back with additional information and then you complain he should have supplied it right away.No, I'm not satisfied How Many Passes In Defrag Windows 10 TRIM neither makes these passes, nor takes that long to perform with the same tool. What Happens If I Stop Defragmentation The whole OS↔SSD interaction is built on legacy HDD principles.

Simply would not load. have a peek at these guys This is also true with Server SKUs like Windows Server 2008R2 and later. The new task runs when triggered by automatic maintenance. September 26, 2010 lucky after that task is completed it will show the last run time of defrag task September 28, 2010 Fred I have Windows 7 and have my defrag Windows 10 Defrag Command Line

just bought a WINDOWS VISTA PC. The defrag command line will do a traditional defrag if requested, but it's unavailable from the GUI.In fact, because I understand the value of the file system being kept defragmented, I've Step 1 -- Exclude SSD from automatic maintenance Note. check over here While I do appreciate your efforts on trying to clear this up (at least one person at MSFT is trying!), it starts to look more and more like Chinese whispers.VadimP.S.

But on solid state drives it has nothing to do with how data is actually distributed across NAND cells. How Many Passes Before Defrag Finishes It can also defragment multiple volumes simultaneously. Disk defragmenter does not run If you find that you are unable to defragment or cannot run the defragment utility in Windows or that a drive or volume has been marked

Then he keeps defending his position, citing some product group.

I've seen SSD specs where the drive size was 3/4 of the total space inside the SSD (so the SSD had 33% more space inside than you would have thought). Nice, Microsoft. One of the things I always do after doing a clean install is turn off System Restore - I've been doing that since Windows 7 was released.Over the past month, I've Auslogics Defragger Personal perspective Only the product team can stop sending the bad message to the customers and clarify the issue from the technical standpoint by answering the questions above.

A volume must have at least 15 % free space before Disk Defragmenter can completely defragment it. -i  This makes Defrag run in the background & operate only if the computer January 21, 2011 Thanatos52804 Sorry I forgot to say that I have the Vista Home Premium OS March 23, 2011 Robert After a couple of years - I finally got Defrag VicarioSaturday, 06 December 2014 17:36:22 UTCThanks Vadim - This blog doesn't use a DB so it's a little more tedious to FTP all the updated comments. It uses the following techniques:[3] Moving all the index or directory information to one spot.

It optimizes data placement using Garbage Collection / NAND defrag algorithms. Trust me. Don't believe like this helps people trusting in a software vendor. aimlessly (from its standpoint, if it had one :)I don't know what intelligent defrag Scott is talking about, but the second part of the product team message is about a different

The controller code developer had/has the option to reorder the FTL (LBAs), keeping the NAND cell addresses attached to the FTL entries. This action takes just a few seconds. Copyright © 2006-2017 How-To Geek, LLC All Rights Reserved

Get exclusive articles before everybody else. Modern SSDs don't work the same way that we are used to with traditional hard drives.

Microsoft. I know I'm not up at that time and my computer has been shut down January 1, 2008 Peter I run defrag on a schedule on my laptop. Anybody commenting above "felt satisfied" is not at the same level as me or Vadim, and can be easily mislead by semi-pro madeup mumbo-jumbo speech.RichardSunday, 15 February 2015 22:04:00 UTCVadim Sterkin Writing to empty blocks on an SSD is faster that writing to blocks in use as those need to be erased before writing to them again.

These forums threads are not new by any means, yet the problem is still reproducible… I’ve raised a defect on Microsoft Connect, but at this time I have no indication that If those of you that want a better application I would suggest Perfect Disk. Increase it to 2 months if my drive isnt overly used?Thanks for any help,ToddTodd Piatt Comments are closed. To defrag a specific drive, say Drive C, open a command prompt and type: defrag c: You can use the following parameters or switches with the Defrag command to further fine-tune